Why I Design

While I didn't find UX design until my later years in college, my endless pursuit of my passions led me to discover human centered design was indeed the career path for me.

Formerly focusing on clinical aspects of cognition allowed me to grasp a holistic view of people’s wellbeing and why we behave the way we do. Social activism taught me to really push boundaries to find hidden opportunities and what it meant to listen to the people you are trying to uplift. Chasing the arts showed me how powerful different mediums can be in telling a story and making people feel seen.

It was through these experiences that human centered design became the intersection of my passions. I design with not only people’s unique stories in mind, but with an understanding of the systems that affect people’s lives and the cognitive behaviors that influence people’s actions. And I don’t forget to have fun with it!

Speaking of fun, it’s super fun sharing stories with other people! Feel free to chat with me via niki.tran72@gmail.com.